Human Beings

The figure dominates ‘Human Being’, an exhibition showcasing the latest outing of F Klub members, alongside a stable of artists invited to participate with them. F Klub is a gathering of visual artists unified by a common interest in making art that predominantly features the human figure.

Initiated by Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Kow Leong Kiang, Noor Mahnun Mohamed and Shia Yih Yiing in 2007, ‘F’ stands for ‘figure’. The initial intention is to get together regularly to organise activities that will increase an understanding and to enhance their artistic skills of the figurative subject, such as coordinating live drawing sessions for its members.

In the beginning the meeting for the sketching exercises was held fortnightly at HOM Art Trans in Ampang. Later other venues such as Sutra House were tried out with the Sutra dancers for these sittings. Palpable are the dynamic tension, atmosphere, physical and emotional presence when sketching from actual figure/model as opposed to using static medium such as photography for reference material.

Since its inception, the F Klub has been growing steadily, with artist Chin Kong Yee joining the fold in 2008. By invitation, 2010 saw Maslin Ramly and Marvin Chan coming on board. In the following year, Gan Chin Lee and Chong Ai Lei, and much more recently Arif Fauzan Othman, Fadilah Karim and Hisyamuddin Abdullah, were included into the collective. Currently all the artists are based in Klang Valley.

In their visual arts practice, each member has a distinctive style with a varied takes and techniques in expressing and formulating the representational art. In creating their artworks in the form of metaphors and allegories or a non-narrative documentation collated from observations and studies, the stylistically diverse methods, realistic, natural or gestural, could be observed in their paintings.

The F Klub has also been exhibiting together annually starting with a show called ‘F1’ at HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur (2009); trailed by ‘Sutra’ at Kamaria, Selangor (2010); Skin (2011) and ‘Seated’ (2012) at HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur. ‘Scent of Bali’ at G13 Gallery, Selangor (2013) showcased renderings from drawing sessions that took place of their sojourn in Bali, Indonesia. ‘Being Human’ took to Art Stage (2015) in Singapore, exhibiting with an impressive list of the local figurative art practitioners that have been invited to participate. A trip to Bandung in 2014 and Cambodia last year opened up discussions to go further afield, expand its scope and role.

To build partnerships via networking, as to further cement the bond between artists which hopefully triggers a productive outcome of the alliance. Future plans will include workshops, collaborative regional exhibitions with an outlook to grow, establish and engage F Klub as an entity within the Southeast Asian art landscape in terms of creating a pool of resource for exchange and dialogue, by providing encouragement and incentives in contributing to the flourishing practitioners in figuration.


Amron Omar

Oil on canvas
147 x 81.5 cm
RM 70,000

Ahmad Zakii Anwar

Reclining Figure 19
Charcoal on paper
75.5 x 151.5 cm
RM 50,000

Lim Kok Teong

Once Upon a Time in Nowhere
Ink and colour on Wen-zhou pizh
96 x 453 cm
RM 35,000

Ruzzeki Harris

Oil & aerosol paint on canvas
156 x 152 cm
RM 13,000

Marvin Chan

Boy with Broken Halo
Oil on canvas
152.5 x 167 cm
RM 38,500

Fadli Yusoff

SA. Orang Lalang
Acrylic on canvas
183 x 152 cm
RM 50,000

Khairudin Zainudin

Just Caught in the Undertow
Scratch on printed aluminium sheet
91.5 x 183 cm
RM 9,000

Siund Tan

Oil on canvas
102 x 102 cm
RM 9,800

Shaq Koyok

"Malok, Hak Kan Nik?" (Where are our rights?)
Acrylic on Woven Pandanous Mat
108 x 191 cm
RM 9,000

Arif Fauzan

Pohon Lindungan
Encaustic on board
122 x 240 cm
RM 23,000

Hisyamuddin Abdullah

Artist Space
Oil on canvas
167.5 x 183 cm
RM 11,500

Fadilah Karim

Oil on linen
183 x 152 cm
RM 22,000

Gan Tee Sheng

The Garden
Oil on canvas
200 x 170 cm
RM 18,000

Yuki Tham

Risk Taker
Oil on canvas
153 x 170 cm
RM 8,300

Hazri Shairozi

Standing Girl with Rothko - Gray and Mauve
Acrylic on canvas
274.5 x 213.5 cm
RM 25,500

Trixie Tan

Bird of Paradise
Oil on canvas
200 x 100 cm
RM 5,200

Nik Shazmie

New Dawn
Acrylic and oil on canvas
160 x 160 cm
RM 9,200

Raimi Sani

Sum of Its Part
Oil on canvas
152.7 x 152.3 cm
RM 6,750

Safuan Nasiar

Red Ceremony II
Oil on canvas
152 x 152 cm
RM 5,000

Faiz ZA

Four Letter
Oil on canvas
152 x 91 cm
RM 3,400