'being human' # 8 : Chin Kong Yee

Oil on linen / 200 x 200cm / 2014

Chin Kong Yee (b. 1973, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) studied at the Central Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur, graduating in 1990. Until now, he has held six solo exhibitions: ‘Undulating Spaces’ (2003) and ‘Cerulean Skies’ (2005) at Townhouse Gallery, Kuala Lumpur; ‘SOS Château de Trémazan’ at Maison des Canons, France (2007); ‘Reality in Wonderland’ (2009) and ‘New Landscape’ (2010) at Wei-Ling Gallery; the latest, ‘Infinite Canvas’ (2013) at Wei-Ling Contemporary, Kuala Lumpur. Chin has participated in several residencies in Malaysia and Cluj-Napoca Art Museum in Romania (2004). His works can be found in collections such as the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, United Overseas Bank, HSBC Bank Malaysia, Cluj-Napoca Art Museum in Romania, and the Aliya and Farouk Khan Collection. To this artist, nothing is ever stagnant as what you see is constantly changing when you look at them. Time and space can never be measured or fixed. The present, past and future collide and are depicted as perspectives in his paintings, in flux, a kaleidoscope.